Group of  business people from diverse backgrounds joining hands

Our approach

An essential part of any change initiative is to understand the outcomes you want to achieve. At EMBED our approach keeps in mind the importance of return on your investment and we use the following techniques: 

Benefits realisation: Any solutions and recommendations will focus on adding value to your organisational strategy and creating a structured approach to delivering outcomes through selected solutions, whilst minimising risks. Tangible outcomes and measures are essential to the success of any change programme.

Agile: Delivery of each solution will be prioritised and delivered within a time-boxed period, ensuring business benefit is achieved at the end of the time-box.

Inclusion-led change: Our consultancy approach keeps inclusion at the forefront of our minds and is built on sound research in diversity and inclusion.  For example, companies with a gender or ethnic / cultural diversity balance are more likely to have financial returns above national industry medians (McKinsey). 67% of people seeking employment look at the company’s diversity and inclusion practices (Ideal). 59% of respondents to a LinkedIn candidate survey said being recognised for accomplishments at work was the largest single contributor to an overall sense of belonging (LinkedIn). Sodexo company study saw an average increase of 4% employee engagement because of gender-balanced management with client retention rates showing similar patterns (Forbes).

Measurable: We want to work with you on an ongoing journey of excellence and improvement. At each stage of our work with you we will provide you with an outline of your current strengths and a recommended road-map for improvement - signposting to external sources of best practice or complementary products from our own portfolio. Our ultimate goal is to equip you with skills and knowledge to develop your own experts in inclusion.

Outcome focused: Our clients typically report seeing improvement and business growth in the following six focus areas (specific outcomes and measures will be identified during the programme):  

  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Personal growth
  • Transparent leadership
  • Authenticity in interactions
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Access to New Markets