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Our services

1. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Assessment

To get a complete picture of your business we will review your current approach to equality, diversity and inclusion by engaging with key stakeholders and employees through face to face and survey-based engagement. Listening to the people within your organisation is the best barometer for assessing where you are on your diversity and inclusion journey.  We will systematically review an agreed set of policies and processes enabling us to identify where you are already performing well and where there are opportunities for improvement, working with you to build an effective and achievable improvement plan.

2. Access Auditing & Reporting

For any environment to be inclusive, it must be fully accessible to all who use it. We help you to identify current good practice as well as areas for improvement in line with best practice standards, guidelines and legislation. The audit examines locations, operations, services and facilities, identifying any physical barriers that may compromise access to those services and facilities by assessing them against pre-determined criteria. Considering physical, cognitive and sensory impairments as part of the audit, we will be able to help you focus on the practical usability of location, operations, facilities and services within your organisation. 

3. Communications and Marketing Review

Your website, social media platforms and printed marketing collateral are the shop window to your organisation and if potential customers or employees find it hard to recognise themselves in the language or the images that you use, they are less likely to want to do business with you, access your services or come and work with you.  We will review of a sample of your digital and printed communications as well as the style and inclusivity of communications you use during recruitment. We will also review your internal communications to provide reassurance to your employees that you value their participation in order to make your workplace better for all.

4. Strategy & Transformation Planning

We will work with you to select and prioritise the recommended solutions from the previous phases that will deliver most value to your organisation. We will help you to build a roadmap that will deliver measurable business outcomes and ensure all stakeholders are actively engaged and supported. The roadmap will describe what will be delivered, when and by whom, ownership of actions and an understanding of where there are dependencies. Our aim is to ensure you achieve measurable positive changes for your organisation based on best practice.

5. Delivery

We will develop the content of each solution with your regular involvement and provide support in helping you to ensure everything is delivered on time, to specification and to budget. Our diversity and inclusion specialists will coordinate with your key stakeholders and employees to ensure that they are engaged and updated throughout delivery.

Consultancy products

6. Employee Networks and Resource Groups

Employee networks or resource groups are now recognised as an invaluable asset to help an organisation create the best lived experience for all its employees.  They also support and embed cultural change from the top to the bottom of a business.  We have nearly 15 years’ experience in creating these networks as well as enhancing the performance of existing networks to be dynamic and innovative, and to deliver successful outcomes across all protected characteristics and beyond.  

If you don’t have an employee network, we can help you set one up, assist with identifying individuals to lead them, and get plans in place for the first year;  if your network has been around for a while, perhaps it needs an audit to ensure it’s on the right tracks for success.  Wherever you are in your inclusion journey, we can help you have flourishing and impactful networks.  

7. Personal Development Coaching

People are a business’s greatest asset and whether you are using the full EMBED lifecycle model, we design and deliver programmes that support and engage your people:

  • Leadership coaching on how to build inclusive workplaces
  • Building awareness and confidence in your people around diversity and inclusion
  • Gaining greater understanding of unconscious bias and behaviours
  • Using scenario-based training to learn more about inclusive language and etiquette
  • Building confidence in managing challenging conversations 
  • Connecting the dots between an inclusive workplace and inclusive and accessible services and facilities for your customers
  • Stakeholder insight, engagement and management
  • Unearthing hidden voices and learning from their direct experience.

And if we don’t have a programme that already fits your needs, we will work with you to design a bespoke offering.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help to make inclusive business your business.